Don't add your BOSS on facebook

Don't add your BOSS on facebook or use different name

work under radar, don't be caught


facebook help on yahoo answer

i forgot who is my husband
-Unknown author
newbie always lost at first time on facebook. don't worry just ask somewhere and someone samaritan will came up with the answer.

lesson: must write your registration details on white paper for the first time, this to avoid you to forget the registration data


facebook website untrusted?

unbelieveable? believe it

whani typr the facebook address then i get this message. Untrusted connection to facebook website. funny but true.


Human talk to wall

If human not entertain any more then better talk to wall

I love facebook. it's the only place i can talk to wall and not look like an idiot


New to facebook

Facebook are so popular today, every one want to know what is facebook is and whay they so popular. this newbie just create his fb account

and try to make a friend